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About the Project

Developing Youth Skills for Industry 4.0 in the Age of Robotic and Digital Smart Production

The overall objective of this project is to contribute to the enhancement of the skills required to increase the employment of young people in the process of transition from automation of production processes to Industry 4.0. Development of benchmarking tool in the project the skills required for Industry 3.0 and 4.0 should be compared to the European dimension and the skills required for Industry 4.0 should be determined according to the result of this comparison, this project is carried out transnationally. In this project, young people who are about to step into business life and young employees are identified as target group. Skills Benchmarking Tool for Industry 4.0 will be developed and this tool will be applied to 15 people from partner countries and totally 45 human resources and production specialists of factories carrying transition process standards to industrial 4.0. Thus, top 10 skills required for the automation of the production processes and industry 4.0 will be evaluated in a comparative manner. In Industry 4.0, learning outcomes will be prepared for 10 skills required for young employees, a total of 36 hours training kit will be created and it will be ensured that totally 45 young people in EU will benefit from this training. The “industrial 4.0 Skills Summit” will be held in Istanbul with the participation of 30 people in order to better understand the Industrial 4.0 and the necessary skills of more young people and SMEs. From a purely business perspective, it would be worth investing in the continuous reskilling of employees. Thanks to this project, well trained young employees would be less likely to make mistakes, more likely to be productive, and less likely to violate compliance laws. Skilled employees would step into new tasks and assist new recruits. They would help the business speed the time to market of new products.