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The 4th Online Meeting of the project was held

In an online meeting held on January 31, 2024, the project partners made an important step forward and created a strategic roadmap for the 1st activity of their project. During the meeting, important decisions were taken for the development of the project and new steps were taken to accelerate the work.

In particular, the project partners made a detailed planning for the workshop to be organized as part of the 1st activity. While the objectives of the workshop were determined, the details of the work to be done were also meticulously discussed. The participants exchanged ideas and emphasized the importance of cooperation and coordination to achieve the overall objectives of the project more effectively.

The decisions that emerged from the meeting are critical to the success of the project. With collaboration and a proactive approach, the project team aims to make further progress at each stage of the project.

While this meeting was an important milestone for the future success of the project, it also emphasized the strong cooperation and communication between the project stakeholders. The project team will continue to work energetically to take their project even further in the next step.

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