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“Skills for I4” Project successfully held its 2nd Online Meeting

November 21, 2023 – “Developing Youth Skills for Industry 4.0 in the Age of Robotics and Digital Smart Manufacturing” project, an important step forward in preparing for a future compatible with the advancing aspects of the digital world, has successfully completed its second online meeting. The meeting was held on a detailed evaluation of Activity-1 of the project and focused on planning the next steps.

The focus of the meeting was on reviewing and progressing strategies to develop young people’s digital skills and competencies in robotics. In this context, decisions were taken on the questionnaire and information presentations prepared before the workshop. The project partners conducted a comprehensive evaluation to ensure that their work is effectively addressed.

Another agenda item of the meeting was the announcement of a dissemination plan including dissemination and sharing strategies within the project. The partners will intensify their work in line with this plan by identifying the next steps. In order to ensure that the project reaches a wide audience, the duties of the partners and what they need to do were discussed in detail.

While taking these steps to prepare young people for the future in a better equipped way, the project team is determined to catch up with the transformation brought by Industry 4.0.

While this project provides an important roadmap for young people stepping into the business world of the future, it plays a key role in developing the skills that will enable them to integrate into Industry 4.0, which is intertwined with technology.

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