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France Meeting

Project Meeting Successfully Held in France

We successfully held our project meeting in Goussainville, France, on Friday, May 17th. This meeting was of great importance for the progress of our project and the planning of the next phases. We are delighted to share the details of this meeting, where all our partners actively and productively contributed.

Activity 1: Evaluation of Surveys and Reports
In the first session of the meeting, extensive discussions were held on the surveys conducted and reports prepared within the scope of Activity 1. Each partner presented the results of the work they carried out in their respective regions and shared the data obtained during this process with other participants. Through these presentations, all parties involved in the project gained insights into the developments and challenges in different regions. This mutual exchange of information was an important step towards strengthening our project and achieving our common goals.

Activity 2: Task Distribution and Future Plans
Following the first session, the task distribution and planning for Activity 2 were addressed. During this stage, the responsibilities to be undertaken by each partner were discussed in detail, and joint decisions were reached. The necessary steps for the successful execution of Activity 2 were identified, and everyone agreed on fulfilling their respective duties.

Dissemination Strategy and Completed Work
In the second session of the meeting, discussions were held on the dissemination strategy of the project. Methods to be followed to reach a broader audience and increase the impact of our project were discussed. In this context, each partner shared the dissemination activities they conducted in their regions and the feedback received from these efforts was evaluated. With the joint decisions made, new steps were taken to enhance the effectiveness of the dissemination strategy.

Internal Evaluation of the Project and Certificate Ceremony
In the final part of the meeting, a comprehensive internal evaluation of the project was conducted. The progress made since the beginning of the project, the challenges encountered, and the successes achieved were reviewed. This evaluation played a crucial role in further improving our project and identifying potential obstacles in advance.

At the end of the meeting, certificates were presented to all participating partners. The certificate ceremony was organized to honor the valuable contributions and dedication of our partners to the project.

This meeting held in Goussainville, France, once again demonstrated that our project is built on solid foundations and that we will achieve success with the dedicated efforts of our partners. We eagerly look forward to coming together again at our next meeting and achieving even greater accomplishments.

We thank all our partners for their participation and valuable contributions.

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