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First Online Project Meeting

The first online meeting of our project “Skills for I4.0” was held under the title “Developing Youth Skills for Industry 4.0 in the Age of Robotic and Digital Smart Production”. The meeting was organized to ensure effective communication and cooperation between the project partners. The focus of the meeting was on the skills that young people need to acquire in the Industry 4.0 era and in this context the objectives and guidelines of the project were discussed.

During the meeting, the distribution of tasks between the partners was explained in detail. The roles and responsibilities of each partner in the project were defined and the basic steps for an effective cooperation were laid. The first activity was defined and will focus on helping young people develop the skills needed for Industry 4.0.

At the end of the meeting, the date and agenda for the next online meeting were set. Regular meetings to follow the progress of the project and discuss new developments will play an important role for the sustainability of communication and coordination. The partners in the project are committed to successfully continue this important initiative for young people to develop Industry 4.0 skills in close cooperation with each other.